Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bowl a Thon

4, My Kids, Inc in collaboration with Positive Directions, LLC 
are having a Bowl A Thon to help raise money for our organizations. 

Two Games 
One Great Bowling Pin Trophy!!!!

Just like a walk a thon we are taking sponsors for our fan-tab-u-lous game.

$1.00 or more per pin bowled or a flat rate donation/sponsor
**Flat rates are better and easier for donating/sponsorhip**
Each dollar raised will go towards the development of programs at each organization!

If you would like to join on of our teams or If you would like to bring your 6 member team to bowl with us contact me today. $10 per team member includes registration, two games and shoe rental.

The Grand prize which is for the highest scoring team is a bowling pin with the organizations name on it and the date!

Runner UP: TBA
2nd prize: TBA
3rd prize: TBA

Visit our websites at or more information about our programs and what we are doing in the Milwaukee area.

If you are not in the Milwaukee area, each organization has a donate button on their website. Please help us help families; indicate in your comments what the donation is for!

We are looking for donations for prizes. Contact me TODAY. 

Picture Day: July 16, 2011

We are having a picture day fundraiser Saturday July 16, 2011 starting at 10:00 a.m. 

Has it been a while since you had a family photo taken? 

What about your professional picture/head shot? 

What about just a fun photo? 

For only $10 you can receive get an 11x14 portrait. 
Call 414-544-8915 to schedule your appointment and purchase your certificate. (prepaid only to guaranty photo sitting)

This fundraiser is helping 4, My Kids, to develop our programs and obtain a facility for our organization.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Picture Day

We are having a picture day fundraiser April 23, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.

Has it been a while since you had a family photo taken?

What about your professional picture/head shot?

What about just a fun photo?

For only $10 you can receive get an 11x14 portrait.
Call 414-544-8915 to schedule your appointment and purchase your certificate. (prepaid only to guaranty photo sitting)

This fundraiser is helping 4, My Kids, to develop our programs and obtain a facility for our organization.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting ready for 2011

Well, well, well! The new board will be meeting in the next week or two in order to prepare for 2011. The programs are getting ready to be released for January, and there are more fundraisers being implemented for the first quarter...

Totally excited about the new direction that 4, My Kids is taking. Visit the site for more updates!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blessing in the Sheets

4, My Kids, Inc was established to help eliminate debt and provide scholarships for those who don't meet the 4. 0 criteria. We have had many ups and downs and struggles from left to right, but there is a blessing on the rise in the form of sheets.

Sheets Are Us will contribute $5 to the organization from various purchases. What do I mean by various? When you place your order for the 1200 Egyption Thread Sheets and put 4MK next to your name, they will make the donation. Isn't that a blessing? A for sure blessing in disguise. We have been reaching for the stars and pulling on air, but there are angels in our midst that are helping us.

Please go to to make your purchase. AND, if you come back and place a comment here letting us know that you ordered, we will send you a testimonial mp3 from Dana Marie.

Please share this with your friends!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Nurturing Positive Beliefs in Our Kids (new video)

We have a terrific video for you from one of our featured experts in the Happier Kids Now 2010 Online Expo, Shelly Lefkoe.

Shelly is the author of The Chicken Soup for the Soul – a Guide to Effective Parenting and the brand new CD series, Parenting The Lefkoe Way.

In this 7-minute video, Shelly talks about how you can help your children form positive beliefs that will guide them to live happy, confident and fulfilling lives.

It's really just a simple but important technique on what to say to your kids if you're busy and can't talk. It's a simple technique that will help your kids feel good about themselves.

I think most of us would agree, our beliefs are what guides us, determines our behavior and what’s possible for us in the future.

The same goes for kids.
Their beliefs determine their behavior.

Their beliefs about themselves determine whether they feel confident or whether they feel afraid to express themselves.

It’s heartbreaking to see a child, teenager – or adult – who is so bottled up – they can’t experience the freedom to be themselves.

I think we all can relate in some way.

You definitely will not want to miss this video.

Here’s the link again and please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you on this important topic.

Much Happiness to You and Your Children,
Rhonda Ryder and Patrick McMillan
Your Happier Kids Now Expo Hosts

Here’s your Speaker Calendar to find out the list of incredible speakers and their topics.

You will receive your conference numbers and webcast links prior to each interview.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton, Sonia Choquette and me

I am so excited to tell you about an Interview Series for parents and teachers called the Happier Kids Now Online Expo. The Happier Kids Now Online Expo is a FREE Interview Series hostedby Rhonda Ryder and Patrick McMillan providing a wealth of life-changing information from 24 happiness, self-esteem, health and education experts.

I have joined them in their endeavors in order to assist my clients at 4, My Kids.  It’s specifically designed for parents, teachers and homeschoolers.

And, when you sign up for access to the event (at zero cost!), you’ll receive a complimentary copy of Patrick’s popular Ebook, The Ultimate Kids Guide to Happiness.

The line-up of speakers is incredible and includes Bruce Lipton,PhD; Marianne Williamson; Bob Doyle; Marci Shimoff, SoniaChoquette; Christine Carter, PhD, Shelly Lefkoe, Dr. DanYachter…plus 16 more!

These leaders will cover current challenges such as child obesity;child/teen depression; ADHD, autism and nutrition; how to help kids do better in school…and solutions such as teaching kids the power of their minds; emotional intelligence, character building, positive parenting and so much more.

This is great for our Juniors and Seniors that are getting ready for college. Our clients at 4, My Kids, need our help to stay encouraged!

As you probably would agree, many parents and teachers are stressed out and overwhelmed these days. This leaves its toll on kids and teens. Plus, statistics show childhood anxiety and depression levels are rising at alarming rates.

Giving parents and teachers the strategies and tools to instill optimism and self-confidence in their children and teens is the mission of the Happier Kids Now Online Expo.

So don’t miss out. Grab your totally FREE Online Pass to this amazing event – plus grab Patrick’s Ebook now!

Help spread the word about this event. Please share this emailwith every parent and teacher you know!