Bowl a Thon

4, My Kids, Inc in collaboration with Positive Directions, LLC 
are having a Bowl A Thon to help raise money for our organizations. 

Two Games 
One Great Bowling Pin Trophy!!!!

Just like a walk a thon we are taking sponsors for our fan-tab-u-lous game.

$1.00 or more per pin bowled or a flat rate donation/sponsor
**Flat rates are better and easier for donating/sponsorhip**
Each dollar raised will go towards the development of programs at each organization!

If you would like to join on of our teams or If you would like to bring your 6 member team to bowl with us contact me today. $10 per team member includes registration, two games and shoe rental.

The Grand prize which is for the highest scoring team is a bowling pin with the organizations name on it and the date!

Runner UP: TBA
2nd prize: TBA
3rd prize: TBA

Visit our websites at or more information about our programs and what we are doing in the Milwaukee area.

If you are not in the Milwaukee area, each organization has a donate button on their website. Please help us help families; indicate in your comments what the donation is for!

We are looking for donations for prizes. Contact me TODAY. 


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